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25 thoughts on “New Advanced Crossbow Laser Boresighter

  1. why why why. save yourself 50 bucks and shoot a target 3 times. after
    spending hundreds on a crossbow which you will more than likely be shooting
    a lot would you spend another 50 bucks when you could just use that on
    bolts. after I saw this I used my laser pen ‘$3′ place it on my crossbow rail
    and guess what it was 1/4 in. away from dead center so if you really want a
    laser boresighter head to the dollar store cuz at seven yards you don’t
    need much.

  2. How would the situation change the way you sight your crossbow?

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  5. couldn’t we just stick a dollar store laser on the rails for the same
    effect? it doesn’t have to be on the tip of an arrow

  6. @shanescool1 you don’t really shoot the laser one that’s just to help
    line it up with the scope

  7. Instead of turning the laser off and having to keep the rifle perfectly
    still just leave it on and align the crosshairs to the laser point

  8. how would tht peirce a deer theres no broadhead no sharp point at the end
    of it

  9. I live in the UK and want to get a crossbow i only really want to spend
    £100 on one whats the best crossbow i can get? Thanks

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