Garmin eTrex Handheld Outdoor GPS demonstration

In th&#1110&#1109 video I give a literal walk-through demonstration &#959f h&#959w t&#959 &#965&#1109&#1077 th&#1077 Garmin eTrex Handheld Open-air GPS. I &#1109h&#959w &#1091&#959&#965 h&#959w t&#959 m&#1072k&#1077 a waypoint &#1072n&#1281 navigate…

25 thoughts on “Garmin eTrex Handheld Outdoor GPS demonstration

  1. does anyone have any encounter with connecting this to a PC? i have one
    and i want to add alot of way point ( sailing marks). iv ordered the cable
    on ebay, should be here in the next few days.would really appreciate some

  2. Can anyone help me set up garmin 610. Just got it and don”t know how to
    work it.

  3. @TheSoulessLegend I got mine in 1999 and in 2003 I removed the batteries
    and tucked the GPS away in my closet. Not sure why I stopped using it. Dug
    it out last night and place original batteries in it. Having not been turned on
    for 8 years it took about 1.5 hrs for it to initialize and get satellite
    signals. First introduced in 1998, not many electronic devices remain on
    the market unchanged after 13 yrs. The fact that this exact unit is still
    being made & sold is a real testiment to it’s design.

  4. can you change the space from meters to miles, i train for miles and im
    needing a gps that can tell me how many miles ive done while im walking,
    can you let me know please :)

  5. When I’ill go geocaching abroad, i’ll buy one of this. It’s looks simple,
    and splendid! In my country, i geocachig with my phone+3G. greeat!

  6. @nlcsmvp96 yes thats right, i have this gps and its brilliant for trails
    and marking waypoints. i find it super accurate even under tree cover. if
    you want to spend a small more go for the Etrex Venture HC for actual maps
    and colour

  7. Sorry to question, I am vacant to buy a GPS soon to go out on MTB and reckon about
    xTrex H: can I upload a track on it (the oner I find in blogs (es:
    file.gpx)) from computer to this GPS and then is it vacant to guide me
    through it? Be grateful you!

  8. Yes it can. Excellent thought to mark a start point though, or use the Man
    Overboard feature to get a quick fix on where you start from. Then you can
    see that getting closer as you return.

  9. be grateful you so much my brother got his in like 2003 and i just establish it and
    now i know how to use it :)

  10. hi i noticed this unit has a max speed function. so, if i were to drive in
    a car, or strap this onto a bike, it will give me my max speed i have
    drived or max speed i have peddled? thanks

  11. Or, as a mate did on night, when a trailer got a flat tyre, we pushed the
    trailer off of the road, out of sight, manifest the spot, then came back
    during the day with a spare and fixed it. Didn’t need to remember any
    recognisable features of the area. Worth it’s weight in gold that night.

  12. It is cute. I like the shape. It is sensitive and accurate. The compass is
    really helpful. Now, I will never get lost again. here is the link to it in
    case anyone is interested: amzn.to17AQJ3z

  13. Splendid video tutorial i have just bought one of these but it has no
    instruction manual, so this was a help indeed, i have just one question,
    how do you add grid coordinates to it, ? If you could do a quick video i
    would be very very greatful Longatitude/latitude etc

  14. Take it to your local police station they will try out the serial number with
    Garmin (or any other maker) and if it’s registered they will return it. If
    not it should become yours after the legal land time for your country.
    Can the owners find you if you switch it on? That sounds like a “can I use
    this without being learned” type of question, if they have an implanted
    GPS recovery tracker chip they will be able to glide to your location
    undercover of darkness & invade your guilty dreams!!

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