NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7″

NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7

  • Based &#959n th&#1077 orginial Predator film fr&#959m 1987
  • Accessories included: interchangeable heads &#1072n&#1281 hands; skull &#1072n&#1281 spine; mask; cannon blast effect; creature skull &#1072n&#1281 removable backpack
  • Features: additional enunciation &#1110n th&#1077 biceps, elbows &#1072n&#1281 torso; notch gauntlet

At long last, th&#1077 classic predators &#1072r&#1077 back – &#1072n&#1281 w&#1110th &#1109&#959m&#1077 h&#965&#609&#1077 upgrades! fr&#959m th&#1077 original predator movie, w&#1077 present th&#1077 definitive collector’s version &#959f th&#1077 jungle hunter. Th&#1077 ultimate hunter h&#1072&#1109 received th&#1077 “ultimate” treatment, including additional enunciation &#1110n th&#1077 biceps (bicep swivels), elbows (double bump joints) &#1072n&#1281 torso, plus &#1072n notch gauntlet! comes w&#1110th interchangeable heads &#1072n&#1281 hands, plus skull &#1072n&#1281 spine, mask, cannon blast effect, creature skull, &#1072n&#1281 removable backpack. Collector-friendly luxurious window box packaging w&#1110th notch flap.

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 79.95

3 thoughts on “NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7″

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Jungle Demon, Done Right!, May 25, 2017
    S. Plissken (Battle Mountain, NV) –

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    This review is from: NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7″ (Toy)
    This is one of the legendary figures released(so far) by NECA. Enunciation in the arms is new and stuck-up to past models. The wrist computer is fully functional and a splendid addition to this model.

    He comes with splendid additional hands and a superb mask and unmasked face. My only come forth, which really doesn’t matter, is that his torso should have been made with the same material as his arms and legs. His appendages look sweaty and awesome but his torso doesn’t quite match up.

    All in all, an incredible figure that should be owned by all right Predator fans and supporters

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Brilliant, Highly Recommended Predator, June 19, 2017

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    This review is from: NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7″ (Toy)
    First Predator from original movie – Absolutely AWESOME figure. NECA does it again. The detail is fantastic, it looks just like him. The accessories are amazingly detailed and work splendid with the figure.

    (I.) Accessories:

    (A) Comes with extra heads: mask-less head, masked head, and then also here’s just his silver mask as a separate piece…the separate mask unfortunately canNOT be place on his un-masked head (like the AVP “Leader” Predator figure can)…but he can hold it in his hand. The masked head they provide MORE than compensates for that, though. It looks incredible, so you can get both the masked or unmasked look simply by switching heads. No complaints here, I like it.

    The detail on his face (the un-masked) is splendid. You can tell they took a lot of time and place a lot of effort into making it not only a spot-on likeness, but perfect as a sculpt/figure. The head WITH the mask is just as perfect as well. I have no complaints whatsoever on either.

    The dreadlocks are incredible quality – I assumed they’d be “fused” to his head in a plastic/resin type feel, like the McFarlane and other figures do with hair, but his dreads really go! They feel like some kind of rubber-ish material and they are flexible like real hair stuff would be. That is just one of the many incredible small fine points that NECA paid attention to and that is the kind of thing, to me, which separates this figure and this brand from – and ABOVE – all the rest.

    (B) Other accessories include extra hands which you can swap out so he can hold his different accessories or hold different poses.

    (C) Also comes with the extra piece of armor that’s equipped with a highly detailed must-have: the shoulder cannon. The full piece fits onto him – for his shoulder/back.

    (D) The last of the accessories includes: skulls, skulls w/spinal column, and the blue thing he can hold, I wasn’t sure at first but upon inspection I believe it represents the fire from his energy weapon.

    (II.) Other info:

    He stands very well, and has a lot of enunciation for splendid variability in posing.

    I absolutely LOVED Predator when I was small, watched the movie so much it made my family roll their eyes, lol.

    HIGHLY recommended figure for any fan of the movie/Predator.

    On top of that, I can’t believe the price I got it for. The value is most certainly far beyond the price. Very honest price for an extremely awesome figure. Very glad I got this one.

    Even the box it comes in is awesome. It’s so nice I made sure to preserve it during notch. It has a front flap that opens like a book cover so you can see everything through the window. High quality cardboard material, splendid box for collectors. I take all of my figures out but I still kept this box, which I generally never do.

    Buy with confidence, no buyer’s remorse here!


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Like it!…highly recommend., July 20, 2017

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    This review is from: NECA Predator Scale Ultimate Jungle Hunter Action Figure, 7″ (Toy)
    Incredible collectible, pictures do not do the neca predators justice. I have gotten 2 so far and both have been beyond expectations for me in that the detail on the figures is incredible. All of the accessories that come with this one very perfectly sculpted. The only thing you have to watch for on this one is the left arm here is a tube attaching the shoulder pad and gauntlet that can tear like mine did if you over articulate the arm at the bump.

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