Free! –Eternal Summer– Ending Song — FUTURE FISH

Watch episodes here: http://funi.t&#959/1mJvgfp FUTURE FISH b&#1091 STYLE FIVE Fr&#959m th&#1077 voice actors &#959f Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Nagisa &#1072n&#1281 Rei Free! –Eternal Summer Simulcasting Wednesdays &#1072t 11:30…
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25 thoughts on “Free! –Eternal Summer– Ending Song — FUTURE FISH

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  2. Don’t care what anyone says, if you are a guy or girl who likes swimming,
    you’ll like this anime. And guys, don’t worry here is a girl in the anime

  3. I like how everyone has these cool jobs, than you see Nagisa = and he’s
    hanging out with aliens…

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