Bushnell Laser Boresighter battery change.

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19 thoughts on “Bushnell Laser Boresighter battery change.

  1. Anyone figure out what type of battery to use as replacement?

  2. Be grateful you very much!! This was a super huge help.

  3. Well thanks that was useful, mine is identical but it’s a center point. I
    said it’ll be simpler vacant on to youtube to figure out how to place these
    batteries in, and sure enough you showed us quick and simple, although I place
    them in backwards the first time but after putting them in right it worked
    like a charm. The print is just to small to read on instructions, Oh and I
    establish out that it is probably simpler to bore sight at night against a
    national’s shed about 80 yards away. With just a small light in the rear me I
    could see the crosshairs nicely. I just place on a scope, it was about 2 feet
    low and 6 inches left, but should be super close now after many clicks the
    red dot was center cross hairs. We used to use a vice and adjust scope to
    where the bore was aimed. This is much simpler, I hope it works as well.
    Thanks a perfect video for a less than perfect battery holder.

  4. does it come with battiers??? I bought it, but it does not say. I am
    guessing yes. Maybe marketing plot to sell more units if peeps cant change

  5. orientation of the batteries would have been nice since they also don’t
    tell you that

  6. That worked splendid. Thanks I looked-for to change these out for awhile now and
    couldn’t figure it out.

  7. Mine came with batteries. The silly on/off switch is cheap with no real
    positive lock to speak of so it drains batteries rather promptly if not off.

  8. be grateful u very much i was get frustrated with the thing u save me a head ache

  9. Be grateful you very much for providing information that the manufacturer should
    have included in their instructions! Thanks again!

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