25 thoughts on “Ultimate Fishing Combo 2013 – Best Rods n Reels

  1. Hey do you know what reel would suit a shimano raider 6’8″ 3-6kg spin rod
    and you use it for estuary and a bit of light offshore fishing and for
    lures, plastics and bait thx please respond.

  2. What the 89$ one can u please send me a link for it iwant to see if I can
    buy ons thanks

  3. hey huge guy just wondering because i have a penn Battle 6000 rigged with
    20lb all the way in clear and a diawa df100a with 3/4ths of way with 20lb
    line and was plotting on getting more line in bulk order and was thinking
    of getting a bulk spool of 15lb and 20lb of yellow line for most all
    inshore light offshore fishing what is your input on this? And please

  4. Why don’t you spend money on your gear if youre so into fishing…. I don’t
    get it at all. If you can afford it you should get nicer rods and reels. I
    saw an episode of RTFS where you guys were doing well on tarpon and you
    were using the Penn Torque. You can’t tell me you didn’t delight in or at least
    notice the variation in quality when you were using those reels compared
    to a Fin-Nor? 

  5. TLD25 best damn sailfish reel ever, they never die. This is all excellent stuff.

  6. On those 750SS’s, upgrade your drag tension knobs to the 7500SS drag knobs.
    They have a rubber seal underneath to keep the washers dry.

  7. i have a shimano alivio and one shimano stella 2000 sw it so perfect.i come
    from VietNam nice to meet every one

  8. @cvano003 me to im vacant fishing soon go get me self a few red drum

  9. @curtgowdysharkhunter You too. Oranse is the Channel, Ornisk is the dude.

  10. I ain’t need expensives shit just to hookup for a huge fish,bro..i use ma
    arm for handlining technics..those expensives shit just a drama for the
    damn market,cuz..rednecks style! Peace ta ya’ll,cuz..

  11. What do ya reckon about the new penn spinfisher v reels? Have you used them

  12. @oranse Be grateful you, i’ve been using Braid lately and it has been a disaster.

  13. Capt Jeff, I noticed you only use spinning reels, is here a reason why you
    don’t use bait caster reels?

  14. Penn is excellent stuff but i would rather spend the 400 to 700 on a splendid reel
    shamano has some splendid gear but my penns have out lasted my shammnos. If
    you fish salt water you should try accuret boss magnums i like mine dont go

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