Bushnell Laser Boresighter Review

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9 thoughts on “Bushnell Laser Boresighter Review

  1. The bore sight is not accurate. Guess what the 4 small set screws on the
    laser end of the sighter are for. It impossible for a novice to right a
    laser that is out of alignment with the center line of the laser body.

  2. @rudenko54 Yeah, i feel you. I never tried the cartridge ones but I sweet
    sure that they are more accurate than the Bushnell. If you ever get one let
    me know but other than that im shooting bullets down range.

  3. I agree, crappy product. I looked for reviews on this before buying but
    missed yours. Sorry I did. The worst instructions here are. VERY weak, I
    couldn’t see the dot at 50 feet as it was too weak.

  4. @mpcjax I believe bass pro shop has a complete boresighter..but i forgot
    the brand, all i know is that it was red and retailed 45 dollars.. eh? I
    agree with you!

  5. I had no conundrum with mine….. I was on paper every time……… People
    expect it to be like laser surgery!…. Lmao!

  6. Bought the same bore sighter establish the laser off center. Took it back and
    they gave me another which was worse. I now have a in store credit waiting
    for them to get the cartridge models in stock. Bushnell should be ashamed
    for putting their name on this product.

  7. you are right is not acurated like it should be I was haaving one and sell
    it in ebay i just buy one .223 cartridge boresighter

  8. i got screwd too with this crappy product i reckon the best thing is just a
    cartridge sighter, unless you buy one of the expensive ones. never really
    tried the cartridge ones though.

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